In the pudong new area will be for the area's citizens for the whole food safety education
    Food packaging materials on the sealing bag of information, whether to reveal the potential safety hazard, at present Shanghai organized the investigation, investigation shows, generally Pudong will of the citizens full coverage of food safety education.
    Food safety awareness needs to be strengthened.
    Do you know your daily food? "A lot of people's answer is: understand. However, Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision through on-site inquiries and online surveys, 17 districts in the city of 6117 people were in-depth investigation found that people on food safety related knowledge awareness low. Nearly three of people in the face of food related products, the specific meaning of the performance of a strange feeling.
    "Strange feeling comes from negligence. "City of Quality Supervision Bureau relevant responsible person said, nearly 30% of the public in the purchase of food related products without leaving accident on the packaging quality and safety information; nearly four percent of people don't know food packaging materials will have an impact on food safety; 63.9% of the people said to purchase the implementation of production license certificate within the scope of food related products (such as disposable cups, disposable chopsticks, plastic boxes, etc.), not specifically to buy QS logo on the products.
    The survey also found that, most of the respondents are not the correct use of food related products act. Proportion of the highest is overheated plastic bags of food, the proportion of up to 71.4%, followed by is microwave oven heating, melamine tableware and foam lunch boxes directly containing high temperature fried foods. In addition, 38.7 percent of people encounter the problem of the quality and safety of food related products avowed and hapless, 42.9% of the public choice to the manufacturers customer complaints, only 26.9% of people will choose to appeal to the relevant departments to report.
    "When a just out of the pot hot soup in a plastic bag in the office, many white-collar workers to be accustomed to. However, when the hot soup may become poison poison vegetable soup, 'arch-criminal' is a plastic bag. "Shen Weimin, deputy director of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, said that the food itself is safe, but also to pay attention to the safety of food related products.
    Food safety governance into the rule of law
    Pudong food safety work is facing the characteristics of "large quantity, many kinds and complicated channels", how to guarantee the safety of food from the source? The personage inside course of study thinks, food safety work to the public and market in a joint effort to maintain and market norms, people will not be hard to detect.
    District Food Safety Office sources, the Pudong New Area will in the near future to further promote food safety management into the orbit of the rule of law, on the one hand to use of the rule of law and the way of thinking, scientific configuration, innovative regulatory approach, the implementation of supervisory authority and responsibility; on the other hand, will actively promote the relevant functional departments and social multi subject under the framework of the rule of law in the collaborative governance, further smooth the social supervision and consumer rights protection channel, excitation and release the whole society to participate in the enormous potential of the food safety governance, form the benign interaction, share the achievements of governance.
    In addition, strengthening public food safety publicity is also a key work. It is understood, this year, the region will achieve to nearly 1200 Ju Cun Wei food safety awareness of full coverage, each street town food safety office to give full play to the territorial market regulators, consumer rights point of contact and food safety information of the team role, carry out community outreach, the popular science education to strengthen food security, increase publicity of the pertinence, effectiveness and enhance food safety and public awareness.
    Especially for students, because students do not know the degree of food safety to reach 85%, Pudong New Area will be ready to strengthen the education of students, the preparation of science books for the students, positive education for students!

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