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Returns Policy
Returns PolicyThe satisfaction and health of our customers is paramount to us. Our staff work very hard to source and ensure that the highest quality organic produce and foods are delivered to our customers, however, the odd thing can inevitably go wrong, in the very rare occasion that one of our products arrive to you and is deemed un-consumable, we will send you a replacement for the product in question with the same or similar product, if the original product is out of stock or dis-continued, with your next order delivery. If you request to return/replace the product please read the terms and conditions below:

1、 If there is no quality problem for the produce, the produce can NOT be returned after your order has been confirmed.

2、 Product delivered within one week, haven't been used and without package problem could be returned. Delivery/Transportaion fee at your own cost.

3、 The return of the product could be arranged with your next order to avoid the delivery/transportaion fee.

4、 For fresh product, please check up on-site. All fresh produce can NOT be returned/replaced after customers signed the invoice.

5、 The product can NOT be returned if 20% of the produce has been consumed.

6、 Please keep the product in question if you request to return/replace.