Dalian green products through the electronic commerce to the table
     Dalian to the green products through e-commerce to the public table
     A has 10 administrative villages, 22 fruits and vegetables agricultural cooperatives and the area of agricultural resources, use modern Internet e-commerce means, to create green and organic agriculture and the general public table of the train started to run. Central broadcasting network Dalian June 24th news (reporter Zhang Siqing Tian Tong) with the Dalian golden Cape new area big Wei home street goods Wei farm electricity business promotion will be held.
     Located in Dalian Jinzhou Da Wei Jia Jie Dao is the city's famous production base of fruits and vegetables, in recent years to develop the big cherry, yellow peach, apple, vegetables and other dominant species, forming a "village" agricultural development pattern. Due to the production and operation of farmers subject to the sales channels, often appear good products sell well, the phenomenon of the increase in farmers' income. In order to break the bottleneck of the development of agriculture, Da Wei Jia Jie Dao from Japan, Taiwan's agricultural development experience, the integration of the original of the agricultural professional cooperatives, absorption of the large farms and a large farming, established radiation of all farmers agricultural association, norms and guides the farmers to develop green pollution-free agriculture, agricultural materials, agricultural finance, agricultural products sales, transportation, breeding, technology support and other services and for the majority of farmers; on the other hand make full use of modern means of electronic commerce, to establish a "product Wei farm" sites and micro channel number of public, build on in the modern Internet online trading platform.
     Reportedly, Wei Jia Jie Dao Wei farm product e-commerce platform has been completed construction of a, "goods Wei farm" sites and micro public has been on the line, the initial realization of publicity display function; phase II will be through the Internet means strengthening agricultural association management, establishment of agricultural production product quality traceability system, let Wei house is to reassure the people of the city's food basket; three phase fully completed online trading platform, perfect line distribution system, so that the general public with the click of a mouse can be conveniently enjoy daweijia high-quality agricultural products, seamless daweijia green organic food and the public table.
     Construction of "Wei farm", not only will effectively promote the development of area of green agriculture, agricultural products, will drive sightseeing agriculture, tourism and leisure industry, such as related industries to accelerate the development of, with a variety of means to promote rural development and farmers' income. Dalian Jin Pu new district, Wei Jia Street Party Working Committee Secretary Wang Changwei told reporters that the large Wei Jia convenient traffic, beautiful scenery, the area of cultural relics, so that it is suitable for driving other industries.

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  • Carefully selected, strictly certified, and freshly picked.
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  • Directly from farm to home.
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  • Socially responsible and protect the environment.