Organic industry circulation economy scale development in Taiwan
    Successfully created a high-efficiency agriculture planting benefit, this highly efficient planting annual per mu yield 60 tons of vegetable production, the main use of recycling techniques, import to Taiwan organic vegetable factory. This is reflected modern biological technology of scale production benefit.
    Organic vegetable
    1. In ecological planting: by microorganism combined with organic farming techniques and rapid shortening land from chemistry to organic production conversion time, barren and contaminated soil from the root of the improved, promote crop growth and disease resistant ability, improve yield and quality, and increase fruit and vegetable the natural flavor and sweetness, in the world, production organic agricultural products to improve economic efficiency generally in more than 50%, the domestic universal in double or even several times over.
    2. In ecological farming: by microorganism combined with organic farming technology, improve the feed conversion rate, increase the disease resistant capacity of livestock and poultry, promote growth, weight gain or add milk, add fresh meat Mido, improve the environment, improve economic benefit of about 30% above, improve the quality of meat, eggs, milk, comprehensive benefits will enhance more than 100%.
    . in the waste resource: through the comprehensive application of microbial technology, waste fermentation of livestock manure, plant straw, organic waste into high quality bio     organic fertilizer, the part used in the organic biological feed, directly reduce the cost of agricultural assets, and foreign sales, usually drives the benefit of 5-10 times more.
    . in the use of renewable energy: through a biological sewage processing technology, the livestock wastewater and domestic sewage anaerobic fermentation reaction, the formation of biogas energy regeneration and utilization, can be directly used for culture in winter heating or by biogas converted to electricity using save on average energy consumption of 20-50%.
    5 in production efficiency: the material circulation efficiency in the eco agricultural production directly determines the level of productivity. Efficient organic ecological agriculture need to rely on microbial technology support to achieve efficient circulation economic goal, in the production of the whole ecological chain, from planting - aquaculture - fertilizer and feed energy regeneration cycle system, the introduction of biological cycle of efficient processing technology, to create a unit of land to produce the highest amount.
Steps to realize the circular economy of eco agriculture
    1 to the Taiwan organic vegetable factory to open the recycling agriculture profit model Organic vegetables "wisdom" made the factory combined with microbial technology, intelligent seeding system, intelligent production management system, network monitoring, agricultural electricity supplier marketing and the introduction of advanced technology, high-quality varieties of vegetables in Taiwan, in order to fully comply with the efficient planting mode of organic vegetables, standardized operation, simple production mode, farms for the factory, the peasants to the workers, to break the traditional organic vegetable planting, labor of slow growth, low yield, high cost barriers, to achieve more than 60 tons per year of organic vegetable production, create 100000 yuan annual income, quickly open the market to close to the price of vegetables, the establishment of marketing system, to create profits, to lay the foundation for the subsequent introduction of successful organic livestock and poultry breeding.
The annual output of 60 tons of vegetables per mu, can create 80000 to 260000 annual income.
    2 ordinary vegetables supply school, young people away from the pesticide poisoning, open up the last mile
    30 acres of organic vegetables wisdom to build factories, aside every day for an acre, crop acres, in this way, a day will produce 6 tons of organic vegetables, way close to the traditional pin is bound to cause great sales pressure. Because vegetables wisdom made factory has absolute advantage in the production cost, in early sales strategy, through the recommendation of the local government, to ordinary vegetables price distribution to local primary and secondary schools, let students away from the pesticides poisoning, let teenagers healthy growth, let teachers and parents through the Internet understanding farm planting process, can also through the online ordering, for family purchase healthy and delicious organic vegetables, business marketing model also launched a, also reached the production and sale of the purpose of.
    3 through the Internet of things and intelligent technology, the establishment of consumer monitoring mechanism
Implement the organic certification, the import of agricultural networking technology, real-time monitoring of greenhouse vegetables temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide concentration growth environment, according to produce intelligent monitoring information of vegetable of automation management. The implementation of consumers and dealers adopt pre order system, consumers can use computers or mobile terminal through the source application platform, vegetables to supervise the growth process as well as the vegetables from the farm to the table of distribution process and at ease enjoy green organic healthy food.
    4 implementation of organic farming and organic farming cycle
On the foundation of organic vegetables for a successful career, into organic livestock and poultry breeding, because their waste is just each other nutrients, such as straw, potato vine, straw, grass, roots, rice bran, wheat bran, rancid water, distiller's grains, soybean meal, cassava dregs, leftover food, peel... Etc. most of the agricultural wastes and animal manure can be through bio fermentation technology to produce high-grade biological feed and fertilizer, turning waste into treasure, interests stand now, achieve the benefits of agricultural circular economy. And make full use of organic vegetable sales channels and platforms, driven organic meat promotion to the users of organic vegetables, achieve mutual benefit to combination of product marketing, improve economic benefits.
    5 renewable energy recycling
In cultivation, breeding, production and sales of system good foundation, economic foundation, then improve the energy recycling system, through bio technology in the sewage treatment system based on upgrading, sewage by anaerobic processing to produce biogas for breeding and planting of lighting and heating, at the same time, purified water recycling use of irrigation water, to achieve low carbon low emission of circular economy to.
    6 organic agriculture to promote the ecological tourism industry:
    Profit is the fundamental enterprise development, for the circular economy, efficient mode of production has laid a financial base, as for tourism is certainly a final environmental development, consumer is close to a good environment of ecological environment of organic agriculture, allow consumers to close to nature and enjoy the pleasure of farm. So that the series of leisure, travel, vacation will produce.
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