Shandong Qingdao 12 people eat watermelon poisoning


    "Black beauty" by eating watermelon, 12 people in Jimo, Jiaozhou have dizziness, nausea and vomiting, after testing, "watermelon pesticide residues of aldicarb" exceed the standard.
Hot weather, many people eat watermelon cool early adopters, but in Qingdao, Jimo, Jiaozhou and other places, 12 people have to eat "black beauty" watermelon, have dizziness, nausea and vomiting, was found in organophosphorus poisoning, there is a pregnant woman or because the toxins into the blood, fetal. At present, this group from Hainan Wanning problem of watermelon all the shelves, the relevant departments are divided into batches detection.
After ten minutes, if the tongue
  "He ate 3 pieces of watermelon, 10 minutes after the beginning of vertigo, tongue." In March 31st, in the city of Jimo people's Hospital for treatment of Ms. Liu recalled, in March 29th she from the roadside fruit stand to buy a watermelon, go home after eating will appear this situation. After the onset of symptoms, she was sent to the hospital, but the family because eating less escaped.
  In Jimo people's Hospital, because to eat watermelon in not only Liu, the next bed Ms. Jiang and her husband in March 29th around 11 a.m. after eating watermelon, also appear the symptom such as dizziness. 31, the reporter learned from Jimo City People's Hospital, the hospital received 4 due to eat watermelon "poisoning" symptoms.
In addition, 29 PM to 6 am, Jiaozhou City People's hospital emergency department admissions North Hospital 8 cases of suspected food poisoning patients, including 5 children. It is reported, 8 people live in the city of Jiaozhou floating crest area, on the afternoon of the same day in front of a fruit stall to buy a watermelon, eating is not a long time have felt unwell. "Eating watermelon while, headache, nausea, my mother sent me to the hospital." One in the hospital for treatment of the boy told reporters.
According to the results of the diagnosis, Ms. Liu Jimo 4 people are organic phosphorus poisoning, is currently in a stable condition after treatment, 8 patients in Jiaozhou are "suspected food poisoning".
Toxins to the unborn baby's blood
Treated in people's Hospital of Jimo City, also be in the family way of Ms. Wang, because she had "poisonous watermelon" has been receiving treatment, and her fetus may not be guaranteed. "Just at a friend's house to eat two small pieces of watermelon, will appear dizziness symptoms." The 29 year old Ms. Wang said, she and her friends are living in the people's Hospital of Jimo city.
"My wife and I just married for two years, but now she is pregnant." Her husband, Mr. Wang told reporters, already 4 months pregnant, on the afternoon of 29 was sent to Jimo City People's Hospital, because of poisoning is serious but also pregnant, the doctor recommended referral. 29, 6 pm, the family put Ms. Wang sent to Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University Medical College for treatment.
"The doctor said, because of poisoning is serious, intruding into the baby's blood, even if the birth will have sequelae such as cerebral palsy." LAN told reporters, 11 o'clock that night, they returned to Jimo City People's hospital to continue treatment in Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University Medical College. The doctor suggested to adults after cure, then the baby abortion.
From Hainan Wanning, the first batch of inspection standard
According to the clues, the 30 day, the staff of Jiaozhou Municipal Food and drug supervision and Management Bureau to the scene to investigate, the traders Liu sales watermelon seized after testing, found "aldicarb" exceed the standard. Jiaozhou Municipal Food and Drug Administration Division of a staff member told reporters, aldicarb is a carbamate insecticide, acaricide, nematicides, is currently the commercial varieties of the highest pesticide poisoning, can cause poisoning


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